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   Reef Medics is an organization where you can dive into making a difference. From educating children for life long careers to increasing a person’s quality of life, scuba diving is a valuable resource. We plan to bring the rewards to people in a way where the risks are reduced. Additionally, we aim to coordinate efforts so people can be involved in saving the reefs from both in and out of the water.
   The organization was created by 3 friends who are determined to make a difference. Eric, Wes & Kerri want to rescue and preserve the natural beauties below sea level in addition to providing financial support to individuals wanting to engage in a career that involves marine based fields such as biology, ecology, conservation, research, photography and scuba diving.
   The future goals of the organization are to build a facility where scuba diving can be used as a form of therapy for children, veterans, seniors, amputees, etc. Currently our programs include sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about our cause and organizing fundraisers in order to raise capital for scholarships and to provide volunteers with the tools necessary for them to survey, rescue and rehabilitate the ocean reefs.

Kerri Portrait Wes Carter works in the recycling industry and Kerri Carter in the field of finance. Their interests include traveling, fishing and scuba diving. Kerri has volunteered for many charitable organizations for over twenty years. Wes and Kerri are certified divers, they each have obtained the PADI Whale Shark Specialty Certification and they have been diving in multiple countries.
Eric Port    Eric Austin is a photographer and EMT. He enjoys kayaking and SCUBA diving. He has spent much of his time exploring the Everglades and Florida's diverse waterways. As a nature photographer, he wants to see that Florida's natural resources are protected for generations to come.

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