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   Welcome to Reef Medics. Please take some time and look around our site. We are currently addressing the issue of the invasive lionfish in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico This invasive fish is taking over due to a lack of natural predators. In Florida there are no bag limits or fishing permit required to catch them. As an added plus, they are easy to clean and taste great.
   After learning of the damage these creatures are causing to our reefs we felt that more attention had to be brought to the issue. We work with the Reef Rangers program and local merchants to hold lionfish round up events and heighten awareness of this fast growing problem. We are looking to team up with local volunteer divers and snorkelers to kill and count lionfish in local waters. Please join us in our efforts! Funds raised will be used to provide educations to kids through scholarships and provide the gear/supplies needed for members and volunteers to access reefs and provide relief by removing the invasive lionfish.

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