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   Welcome to our Kid's Corner! Meet our mascots Louie and Spike the lionfish. We realize not everyone is old enough to dive for lionfish. We feel it is important for our younger generation to learn about the importance of eliminating invasive predators from reefs. We want to make learning fun. When your kids read about the adventures of Louie and Spike, they will learn about lionfish and the importance of our mission. We hope that you will sign up your kids for our Kid's Club. Membership is only a $25/yr donation. Kids Club benefits include:
  • Autographed picture of Louie the Lionfish
  • Offical Kid's Club Membership Card
  • Direct Mail Birthday Card
  • Official Kid's Club Drawstring Bag that contains the following:
    • Louie the Lionfish Cup
    • Reef Medics Pencil
    • Ocean Life Eraser
    • Ocean Life Stickers
    • Fun Activity Sheets
 We will have other fun activites and contests during the year along with a quarterly email newsletter. Please click the link below to join today!
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